Lemon Law in North Carolina

The North Carolina Lemon Law applies to new cars which suffer a nonconformity; a flaw or illness, which substantially impairs the use or value of their automobile; which can't be fixed following four (4) efforts by a licensed manufacturer's response. This nonconformity should first happen within the initial 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

But, you may still submit a claim after the vehicle reaches 24,000 miles so long as you're inside the applicable statute of limitations. The North Carolina Lemon Law also applies to new vehicles which are in the store for fixing twenty (20) or accumulative small business days during any 12-month length of the manufacturer's guarantee.

The NC Lemon Law only applies to vehicles which were bought or rented fresh in the State of North Carolina. But in case you've got a used vehicle that's giving you issues that can not be fixed under a manufacturer's warranty after a reasonable number of efforts, there are different laws which may apply. You may consult a  law agency in North Carolina for more details on Lemon Law.

Lemon Law in North Carolina

If you fulfill the criteria for your NC Lemon Law, the legislation states that the manufacturer must accept the return of the car and provide you a fresh one, or provide you a money back (less a sum depending on the mileage of the car at a specific time period.)

The Lemon Law could be perplexing and can be open to numerous interpretations. If you do not know how it functions, you'll probably let the automobile manufacturers make the most of you.

Our experience is that the automobile manufacturers will minimize your troubles and attempt to dissuade you from following your claim. Without the help of a lawyer, you'll probably encounter frustration and give up a lot of your own rights.




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