How Security Experts Plan High Profile Events

What are the Important Details Security Experts Look into During High Profile Events?

Security of attendees and VIPs at high profile events is of paramount importance. It is a critical task, and there are several aspects to be taken care of to ensure there are no security breaches. As such, we will look into how security experts perform necessary analysis to make sure you do not have to worry about security issues during your event.

Plan of Action for Implementing Security at High Profile Events

high profile eventsAfter closely monitoring the nature of event, the security agency will be developing a plan of action for proper implementation of security at the event. Let us check few of the details that are included in a security plan for high profile events.
• What level of security would be right for this event?
• What is the expected size as well as duration of the event?
• What duties event staff would be performing?
• Will need for security remain constant all throughout the proceedings or vary from one session to another during the event?
• What are the possible threats that may be encountered during the event?
• Will there be any specific requirement such as security clearance or character checking that is to be performed for attendees?
• Will it be necessary to provide close protection to VIPs attending high profile events?
• Any special protective measures to be implemented as part of event security (such as audio counter-measures)?
• Is there any need to find alternative venues to meet any kind of contingency (like public demonstration at the selected venue or a bomb threat)?
• Is there requirement for any special security equipment?
• Who will be in-charge of liaising with police and public administration?

Things to Consider at the Time of Site Selection

During high profile events it will be important for security agency to perform a thorough site survey and check the following details.
• Are there any factors which can adversely affect physical security at the venue? Will it be an easy task to solve those issues?
• How difficult it would be to control access to venue as well as to specific rooms within the venue?
• Is there any specific location within the venue where security professionals can examine suspicious articles?
• Is the venue vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping, overlooking, or overhearing?

Implementation of Security Measures at the Time of Event

There are many responsibilities that security personnel have to carry out at the time of high profile events such as:
• Communicate with event managers on various issues ranging from control to command while the event is in progress.
• Take required steps for arranging physical security as well as storage of different types of equipment being used at the time of event (like recording devices, cameras, phones and other audio recording equipment).
• Supervise other people who have been employed for performing different security related tasks.

A Final Note

Thus, to conclude it can be said that relevant knowledge and experience is quite important for security professionals if they really want to make sure that the event finishes without any security threats or issues.

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