How to Win Yourself Some Free Riot Points

If you told a League of Legends player they can have anything they want, most of them would reply with "gimmie Riot Points!". It's no secret that Riot Points are one of the most sought-after currencies in the gaming world. With the ability to be redeemed for rare skins, champions and specials wards, there's almost nothing you can't spend RP on. However, the problem with RP is that it's just so darn expensive. So expensive in fact, that it's almost a 1 to 10 ratio with the US dollar. That means if you want a 1350RP champion you'll be looking at around 13.50 dollars. Considering the amount of skins and champions available. It's pretty easy to need a huge stash of RP.

riot points

With RP being pretty expensive, many players often look for other ways they can get free RP. One of the most popular ways is to enter RP competitions that many websites hold. Users simply enter t their email address or like a Facebook page to be automatically entered into the competition. At the end of the month, a random winner is drawn from the entrants and they win the RP. With some competitions allowing multiple entries, it's by far the easiest way to get your hands on some RP.

If you want the chance to win yourself some free RP, then be sure to enter this awesome Free Riot Points competition. Every month a winner is selected and will receive 50 dollars of RP completely free!

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